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How to Save Money around the House

From cancelling your cable television subscription to real savings on kitchen accessories, the following tips and tricks will help you save money at home:

  1. Recycle

Recycle old clothes, CDs, DVDs, and mobile phones. You can even sell them online and use the money for something more functional around your home.

  1. Energy

Switch your energy supplier. You stand to save up to £405 by so doing.

  1. Grow

Keeping your own pots of herbs will save you the hustle and expense of repeatedly purchasing herb packs. Most of these herbs will survive so long as you give them enough water and sunlight.

  1. TV Licensing

TV licenses usually cost £145.50. However if you cancel your subscription, you will end up saving this money. There are tons of free channels – including Channel 4 on Demand, ITV Player and BBC iPlayer.

  1. Slow Cook

Slowcookers will help you save money while cooking stews.

  1. Earn From Home

In your spare time, take online surveys. They will help you earn money.

  1. Water

Instead of buying bottled water, consider filling up your re-usable bottles with tap water.

  1. Remortgage

You can save thousands of pounds by remortgaging your mortgage to a better rate.

  1. Shop Early

Stock up on your holiday decorations early in advance. Christmas-themed decorations and wrapping paper go on sale after Christmas. Therefore, ensure you buy them as soon as the holidays are done.

  1. Alcohol

On average, most homes spend around £15.20 every week on alcohol. Failing to drink for an entire month could see you save more than £60.

  1. Budget

Use detailed spreadsheets to budget your daily, weekly and monthly finances. Add every expense (phone bills, insurance, utility bills, transport, groceries and mortgage/rent among others). This will help you ensure you do not overspend.

  1. Electricity

Always turn off all your electrical appliances when they are not in use. Similarly, ensure you get energy – saving gadgets to further cut down on your costs.

In conclusion, there are many ways to cut down on your expenditure at home. Use the above tips and tricks to save money and only spend on the most important things. In the long run, you will be glad you did.