25 Ways to Make Savings Outside Home


Did you know you can make great savings outside home and live to tell the tale? Use the following tips and tricks and watch as your life changes for the better:

  1. Credit Cards

Always use cashback and reward credit cards. They will give you some money back when you spend online, at department stores, supermarkets, and petrol stations.

  1. Compare

Before heading to the supermarket, use comparison websites to locate the cheapest prices. Compare the prices of each item you wish to buy then step out. Likewise, you can compare anything from loans to legal services – try sites that offer comparisons, like if you are looking got a conveyancing quote in Leeds, or if you are looking for loans try sites like www.leedscitycreditunion.co.uk to get the best deals. Remember, compare everything before buying!

  1. Shopping

While at the supermarket, try to stick to own – brand goods. This means you should only buy products made by the supermarket. At times, they even taste better than branded ones.

  1. Gym

Cancel your annual gym membership then sign up for the pay – as – you – go monthly plans. In case you stop exercising (or wish to try out other gyms), you will not lose money.

  1. Get Discounts


Use discount websites whenever you wish to go out. These sites offer great deals on restaurants, travel, event and other outdoorsy activities.

  1. Commute

Walk or cycle to work instead of taking to tube or driving. Catching the bus will also save you money.

  1. Holidays

Check out different holiday deals, offers and tours during this festive season.

  1. Flights

Similarly, use the internet to find cheap flights to go on holiday.

  1. Rent

Instead of buying dresses for fancy events, consider renting them out.

  1. Share Travel


Join travel share websites and cut down on your expenses.

  1. Abroad

When you go abroad, find cheap ways to slice how much you spend. Pick credit cards that do not charge withdrawal fees or use pre-paid cards.

  1. Loyalty Cards

Sign up for your supermarket’s loyalty scheme and save money every time you shop.

  1. Cinema

To watch great movies affordably, always buy discounted cinema tickets.

  1. Books

Instead of buying new books every so often, why not swap them with friends, colleagues and other book lovers? Local libraries are a good place to start.

  1. Holiday Sales

Although sales make one feel like they are getting a bargain, they cause you to buy things you do not need.

  1. Discount Supermarkets

Ignore higher end supermarkets and go discount.

  1. Coupons

Capitalise on coupons. You could end up making great savings in the long run. Discount codes also help in this.

  1. Auctions

Always buy your electronics at fast sale auctions.

  1. Funds

Opt for passive funds over active ones. Passive and tracker funds are typically cheaper.

  1. Transfer Debt

Get balance transfer credit cards and transfer your debt from credit cards with higher rates of interest.

  1. Bulk Buy

Buy your foods in bulk – especially those that do not go off. It also helps to buy when they are on offer.

  1. Current Account

Save in a current account.

  1. Children

Find out whether your children are entitled to benefits and capitalise on them. These include free uniforms and school meals.

  1. Savings Account

Check your kids’ savings account to confirm that they are not paying tax. Some children’s accounts will enable you earn close to £100 every year free of tax.

  1. Shop Smartly

Be a smart shopper. Before purchasing anything, think about whether you really need it. If not, don’t buy it.

In conclusion, there are many more ways to save whenever you go beyond the comfort of your own home. Use the above tips to cut down on your expenditure especially as the holiday season approaches.